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Let 2021 be the year you master the Mandarin language

Chinese grammar is surprisingly straightforward, with none of the tenses, plurals, cases or genders that can make learning European languages difficult. Mandarin is a tonal language, which means the pitch or intonation in which a sound is spoken affects the meaning.

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What our students say!

“Very helpful and friendly teacher, looking forward to continue our sessions!”



“Amazing teacher. I was unsure and lacked confidence. I was encouraged and made to feel that I can learn after so many years without lessons of any kind. I feel that I can now reach my goals and I have the most wonderful young lady and teacher to help me. Thank you so much”



“My daughter enjoyed a lot the lesson with Marina. She was so motivated after her first lesson. She wants to continue with you! Thanks again Fatma”



“Tina is a very good teacher. She gave excellent speaking examples and helpful grammar tips that will improve my sentence structure a lot. I even got some videos to learn after the lesson, based on my current level. Very professional.”



“Marina is a good teacher. I would recommend Marina, as a teacher :)”



“Tao has a lot of experience with teaching. She uses different methods to make my class very interesting and I learned a lot in one class. I was the first time using her school online classroom. It’s a very professional class. I will book more classes, Thank you”



“First lesson. Went really well, my 14 year old son is happy to continue. Marina was the right balance of friendly and professional. Very happy to have found the right tutor.”



“I had perfect lessons with Marina. She uses very professional classroom software. Her teaching methods make me remember very fast. Grammars I didn’t understand at all before I met her, I feel Chinese is a fun language after I understood. I’ve already made sentences and read some texts.Thank you so much.”



“Marina is great with kids ! She uses songs, videos and cartoons to help consolidate each learning point. I was really impressed! So was my 7 year old daughter, she loved the lesson!”



“She is an excellent teacher and very professional.”