Our course levels

Our Chinese courses have been specially designed to suit learners of different ages and levels. The courses cover the following areas:

  • General Chinese
  • GCSE Chinese
  • Chinese for kids
  • Chinese Culture
  • Oral Chinese
  • Chinese Characters(reading)
  • Business and Commercial Chinese
  • Translation Chinese
  • Specialised Chinese
  • Individual Training


Course Material

Books that can be used during the courses are:

  • HSK 1-6
  • Boya Chinese
  • Integrated Chinese
  • HanYu YuYin JiaoCheng
  • Basic Conversational Chinese
  • Easy Chinese Speak Out
  • Startup Business Chinese
  • New Silk Road Business Chinese
  • The Business Chinese Language and Culture
  • Chinese-English Grammar for learning Chinese
  • Experiencing Chinese
  • GCSE Chinese
  • Chang yong Han zi bu shou – Radicales

There are many other books that can be taught as well. We use Tailor-made lessons to suit the Chinese level and learning goals.

Courses for children

Our Chinese courses for children offer the perfect chance for your child to get a step ahead in their language learning. Whether they are just starting out or have learned some Chinese before, our tailored courses will help your child enhance their level in a quick and (more importantly) fun way. These courses are open to children of all ages and abilities.

Because children require much more stimulation and frequent variation than adult learners, they expertly adapt their class content, teaching method and activities to suit the attention span, interest and age of the students. Using an interactive method and educational games, we can help your child to enhance their speaking, reading and listening ability in a quick and enjoyable way. The curriculum is divided into sections, each section has some grammar points and new vocabulary to learn.

Course Material

We use different teaching materials depending on the level and background of the child. For complete beginners we use visual books that are aimed at students who do not come from a Chinese-speaking background. Some of the books we use are:

  • Chinese Made Easy
  • ZhongWen
  • Gu Wu for Secondary Mandarin Chinese
  • Sing and Learn Chinese Songs
  • I can speak Chinese!
  • Chinese Paradise

There are many other books that can be taught as well. We use Tailor-made lessons to suit the Chinese level and learning goals.

Learn Chinese with music! 

Kids love to learn Chinese with Music. Singing and dancing with Chinese music is fun and an inviting way to learn Chinese.

Through Chinese songs kids are exposed to key elements of language: common vocabulary, rhythm, and word patterns. As they listen and sing their favourite Chinese songs over and over again, they become familiar with new words and phrases.